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3 Things I've Learned Last Year

I learned that I really enjoy working an Art Fair Booth.

I was surprised at how much work went into prepping for an art fair, knowing your crowd, taking time to thank your loved ones who come to visit. I was proud of myself for last minute adjustments like my husband hurting his back and being unable to help me. I was thrilled at how many people jumped in to help me. I had planned for two bodies, two sets of arms to carry, two sets of eyes to look out for mistakes. One of those was my friend Jessica who dropped everything that morning, with a toddler in tow, and rushed over to help me unpack gear, set up, and soothe my jumpy nerves. What an amazing way to start my day!

Sometimes you have to do things that intimidate you to see if you might enjoy them. I also tried not to set expectations over selling anything or making any money back. I wanted to go in with the opportunity to learn what it's like and how I might make changes for the future- and I did make sales that day! I sold three paintings, acquired three commissions, and sold quite a few prints as well. More than that, I learned a LOT!

Also, I hope you had amazing and chill birthday week this week Jess!

I learned how to do "Laundry" aka, my loads of laundry method.

Talk about saving you time, effort and money- figuring out how to do batches of "Laundry" has been a game-changer. The brief version is grouping things into batches to do all together, so you can spend more time creating and less with the fidgety extras in order to share your hobby or sell your projects. You can learn about this method more in depth by clicking on this link to the previous blog or this one for a second load of laundry. I highly recommend it for a change in mentality when it comes to creating.

I learned to set and adjust short term goals.

Ask most of those close to me, and they will tell you I can get a little...distracted most days! Something that helps me stay motivated it short term goals, rather than big huge ones that are far away. I've been known to give some very blank stares when asked, "Where do you want to be in ten years?" Alive? Enjoying life?

So what has helped me most in continuing to move forward is setting up shorter term goals. For you, that might be setting out a sketchbook and markers and adding a little creativity to your morning for five minutes before work. It's a small goal that is easily achievable and gives a lovely big boon to your creativity. Maybe you need to finish projects rather than start new ones. Your monthly goal could be to complete at least one piece, but not let that hinder you from starting new ones.

Make sure your goal is somewhere VERY visible. Make it big and important so that it gets your attention. That might be your desktop screen when you log in, or perhaps a bright colorful post it note on your bathroom mirror. Keep it small and friendly and you will be excited to see it!


I hope you got a few ideas for yourself and thanks for letting me reflect on important lessons from last year. I wanted to make this post back in January to be relevant, but honestly I got behind. I have to forgive myself and just keep moving forward. I hope you give yourself that grace, too. Thanks for reading! Hit that heart button if you enjoyed this post and I'll see you soon!

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