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A Second Load of Laundry!

Time for another laundry suggestion! For any of you that missed the original blog post you can read about it in my previous post entitled "The Laundry Principle". This lesson was so vital for me to learn and continue to use.

So I have another example for you! Taking photos of your work and you, is especially important to creating a connection with your readers, clients, followers, and fans. It's something I have to continually get stronger at.

I have to prep loads of content to keep my followers and art patrons engaged and entertained. This means a lot of photos and videos. Who has time everyday to think about which photo they need to take, edit, post and write about? Switching tasks that need many different elements can be hard to make time for every day or even every week. That's where doing "loads" of laundry can help!

Block off a time in your schedule, let's say an hour on a weekday night coming up. Start making a pile or a list of all the art you want to take photos of. Perhaps it's all the page in a single sketchbook, or a series of paintings you have. It doesn't have to be a lot, but think about it just like a basket of laundry ready to be done when you make the time!

Spend that dedicated hour to setting up your camera for the best lighting, clearing your area for displaying the pieces of art, and only taking photos. Be firm with that time. You'd be surprised how man you can take when switching art pieces but having your environment prepared and controlled. This can be especially helpful if your best place for is a multi use room that might require family, roommates and pets to not be parading through.

We can also learn better with these longer times to play with camera settings and lightings- make those mental notes for next time! Having a batch of photos next to each other on your phone or camera also makes it easier later to move them all to your computer for editing or organizing. No more searching and scrolling for hours. You've can do this!

I hope this tip helps you consider how precious your creative time is and how to better utilize it.

The art included here "Album Cover" is a 20" x 20" acrylic abstract on gallery wrapped canvas and is currently available for sale. You can check it out by visiting my "Canvas" webpage.

Thank you for reading and if this post as been meaningful or useful or even just entertaining, please give the little heart on this page a click and letting me know. I heart you too!

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