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3 things I'm 100% Glad I bought for My First Art Fair

Setting up my booth with some last minute help from my dear friend Julia!

Prepping for my first art fair last year took a lot of research, planning and purchasing- but these three were no-regret buys that I would happily recommend to fellow creators!

  1. A Utility Cart in *Mint Green*!

I cannot recommend this one enough! This particular model has fully rotating wheels for great maneuverability, breaks to keep it still and a lid that disconnects. This is perfect if you need to leave it off to store bulkier or bigger items or fill it, put the lid on and stack art on top to move along too! This cart has held up really well over the last 6 months and I think it is really usable for both artists and art students.

I bought this one on Amazon and it is currently around $70. Think of this item as an investment that can be used for a variety of reasons as well as storage between classes/shows. Bonus is it comes in a multitude of colors to match your mood! You can check out the item by clicking on this link.

2. A Master Locking Travel Cash Box!

Again, this item has been used a multitude of times and after quote a bit of use I am still grateful I grabbed it. The best part of this item is the two switches! One opens the box after you arranged the number code, but the second releases a band that straps around the case and you can tether the item to a nearby pole/table to make sure no one tries to take it anywhere. This gave me such a piece of mind that not only could someone not walk off with the travel size safe, but that its got a strong lock as well. It had plenty of room for cash, my cell phone and plug ins for a card reader. I don't use it for change, so you may want to get a small container to hold change inside if needed.

This item might also be great for people who run small groups like a poker group or yard sales. If you want to check it out, you can click this Amazon link to it.

3. A Framing/Matte kit for small art!

This kit came with 10 pre-cut sets for matting 5" x 7" sized art. The kit came with 10 of each: a black frame front (acid-free) with a beautiful crisp white bevel cut, a thick cardboard style backing, and a clear packing bag that can be sealed. I bought two so I could have some small art prints to sell alongside larger pieces of art. They were easy to pack, and even had room to slide a couple of bonus extras in the back like my stickers and business card. I did need to provide the double sided tape to keep the frame sealed to the back piece, but it was an easy thing to grab. You can click here to see the Amazon link where I bought them.

I loved how professional they looked and made great small purchases for people to add a print for their office or bookshelf at home. I sold nearly all of them! If you want to see a video of how I used the kit and how they turned out, click here!

What was your best art buy? I'd love to know! Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a sensational spark of creativity today!

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