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3 Things I Spend the Most Time on for My Art

Being a creator is an intensely unique job, but it also shares a lot of similar needs as most careers. This can be even more important to recognize if we are running our own businesses as well as creating. Here are the top three things I spend the most time on as an artist when I'm not actually making the art itself:

1. Reorganizing/Cleaning. After a fun and frantic paint sloshing session, it is time to set aside the masterpieces in the making and reset. It's easy to pull out all the brushes, mix up paints and make a pile of things to put away. Make time in your schedule for it, so that when the flash of creativity finds you- you can focus on making more than anything else. What do I do to get through the more boring or tedious part of cleaning and resetting up after a manic creative session? I put on an episode of a show in my headphones and listen along. It keeps my mind off things, but leaves my hands free to keep moving. It's also easy to pause and make notes if I think of something along the way like a Blog Post idea, snapping pictures to share of the absolute mess I can make and supplies I need to shop for soon.

2. Thinking. Staring. Planning. Possibly one of the most important things you can do and it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything at all! Give yourself credit. I often need to surf through ideas for blog posts, social media posts, flip through magazines and sometimes just stand back and stare at the art in the works. I ask myself questions like what is it missing? Where is my eye going to? Do I want to keep looking or is the piece somewhat monotonous and in need of more?

I find this is the most underrated work that most people do at any job. The problem is you don't get to tick boxes, you don't have a finished product. But this step is highly vital to success- taking the time to think about whatever problem and how you are going to solve it or more forward.

3. Photos, Tagging and Social Media Prep. Okay so you created the piece, cleaned up the paint splatters and washed your brushes. What's next? All the important stuff! I have to reach my audience and show them the work and it takes a lot more than just a picture to do that. I set up photography sessions, capture video footage, and start writing up descriptions, captions and meta data. I use a special software to organize anywhere from 30-50 images and videos a month, all with captions to capture your attention and meta data like hashtags to help all of you see it in your emails and social media. This is all based on using what I know, but often I need to spend time researching algorithms and tips on how to use all this software successfully too! It's a lot of work, but if it helps you find me and my art- then it's all worth it!

Were there any surprising mentions on my list? If you are a creator, what are the top three things you find yourself doing to prepare, share or care for your art?

Thanks for reading and if you liked what you read, please click that little red heart in the corner to show some love! The art featured in this post is called "Sonoran Windows".

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