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The Laundry Principle

Can you imagine if every time you were ready to wash something, you only washed the clothes you were wearing?

We would be doing laundry all the TIME!

How can we apply The Laundry Principle to art and creating? Group things together. Some elements that need to go along with creation can be done much better in batches, you might even refer to them as a bit of a chore- they take time, set up, and are definitely not the fun part of creating. I was just speaking to a client about it recently and I really wanted to impress how big of a lesson and benefit this was for me to learn. Pushing your art/creations to the next level could look like a variety of things:

* Creating social media posts

* Filming videos of you working on your projects

* Researching and buying art supplies

* Having really nice photos of your creations

For an example, start a list of the art supplies you need and dedicate a time to either research them online (an hour with your coffee on a Saturday morning) or making a trip to buy them all in one batch. Feel free to save that list for when your supply store has a great sale! For lists, I use a digital one on my phone (so I can't lose it). My app is called "Microsoft To-Do" and bonus on that- you can share lists with other people. My hubs and I use it to easily add grocery and house needs to the same list. Highly recommend it.

Be firm with that time. Block it out on your daily planner or phone calendar. Your art is important and dedicating time to accomplishing tasks that make it easier, better, and more enjoyable is vital to being a better creator, builder and maker.

The art included here "Endless Laundry" is a digital creation of mine for some family,

including a customized clothing item and favorite color of each family member.

I hope this tip helps you consider how precious your creative time is and how to better utilize it. I will probably revisit it in more blog posts- because it really is that important!

Thank you for reading and if this post as been meaningful or useful or even just entertaining, please give the little heart on this page a click and let me know in the comment section below.

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