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You've Gotta Crawl Before You Become Rich

Everyone starts with a dream. Every dream is different. For you it might be beautiful happy children, perhaps running your own enterprise or maybe writing that famous phrase, "The End".

It all starts with the first steps, which are filled in the hero's journey with excitement! See the crowds of your loved ones cheering you on and wishing you well! I got that and a whole lot more. You see, I left my somewhat stable job yesterday. That was it! The last day among friends and frenemies, among words filled with hope and remorse.

I will say this, as I share many stories yet to come, I can't say I regret it. I have built my bridges on finding truly good people doing wonderful things in their jobs and with their lives and I nestle in. I am so happy to have become a part of their lives, bringing joy or fun or at least a light hearted moment in their day. I need them now. I need those blissful beautiful words of how successful I will be and how easily I will triumph as an artist.

Let those friends and family pour gasoline all over your little ember of hope. You are going to need it! There will be plenty of time and opportunities for doubt to bring you done, don't let it seep into your kindling.

BuRn, bAbY, BuRN!

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