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Where Did My Art Go? Across the Country Edition

Anyone who knows me knows I love Geography, so getting to see where my art has been downloaded, printed, shipped and mailed was fascinating! (P.S. I'm available for Trivia Night)

This map I made took information from my multiple online stores that sell art prints, print on demand items (like coffee cups, t-shirts and more), as well as commissioned paintings that were hand-shipped!

The furthest away seems to be Hawaii and New Hampshire! Every item I make or design might only be seen for a week or two, but seeing the culmination of hard work over a whole year can be a really great reminder for anyone of the work they have done!

What was the most popular location? Happily, my home state of Arizona! I guess all my friends and family are a big help. Thank you to those of you reading this and those that have found something awesome to add to your life. I'd love to see pictures of what you ordered! Comment down below if your state made the map!

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