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Welcome to the Rocket, enjoy the ride.

You say you are going to do it.

Really really, one day.

You think maybe.

Then all of a sudden you have your future, sitting right there in your hands and no matter how long you stare at it, analyze it, reflect- you will have no idea how it will turn out.

I opened my website, I let my family and friends and followers step inside my hopes and dreams. Things I had been working on for nearly a year. Layers of fear and excitement, covered in the guise of building a business. I have this ugly relationship with money (for many reasons) and through listening to the various advice, notes from mentors who may never know how much they influenced me, and supportive pushes I have come to this point.

I have a streaming list of things to do and to create and to really enjoy. I am soaking up all of this emotion and reveling in this truth that I make things that bring joy and contemplation and humor to the people I connect with. I am glad I genuinely connect with people that I cross paths with, it makes the money seem so much less important and the connection to be the driving force of sharing my art.

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