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Sometimes Life Explodes

So fire, viruses, crazy international relations and a questionable cultural revolution no one expected. All caught up? Here's where the guilt comes in- how can I fix it? I have an instinct into trying to physically do something to help or persuade a group to feel something- empowered, calm, whatever. I can't do that. I can't do that with the world. My friends and family are quite split over opinions and passions are very intense. I'm not comfortable and I can tell my subconscious is desperately trying to reestablish itself and reassuring itself that I am still the same person.

It's not selfish to keep going. After some bad days and some half assed days, some struggling days and some emotionally exhausting days, it's okay to get back to what you do. You're on a creative river and though the rapids have thrown you around, if you can stay the course and keep yourself going you will gain an array of muscles and strength that you'll never expect. Go on, you.

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