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It gets better everyday.

I fricken love this. I made this. I am SO proud of this. Yes, I know I am lucky as I don't make nearly as much money yet and am able to trek though this journey of truly pursuing being an artist.

I remember messaging my group of very supportive friends months ago, realizing I was about to do that thing where you chase your dream in the most bizarre abandonment of your current life. Uncontaining of fearful tears on my face, I asked the stupidest question- will they support me if I quit my job that I liked but felt drained in order to wander into the wilds of graphic illustration and acrylic artistry?

Why are we so afraid of doing what we know will make us happy? Would these girlfriends give a flying f*** if I was happy so much more often? If I stoked my own fire of becoming a contact with a skill set unlike any other in my group that they can turn to for murals in their nurseries, invitations for their parties, ideas for 60th birthday presents? Of course not. They showered me with confidence at a moment I felt so low about. I can never be thankful enough and I saved everyone one of their responses so I could go back and see the confidence they held in me.

I remember being so secretly overwhelmed one day, three beers in at our annual cabin trip. Mid drinking game questionnaire they voted me most likely to be famous. I'm not a vain person, this isn't about showing off. Its seeing through to these wonderful women's faith that I had skill and vision. It was an honor and I don't every want to forget they gave me that support.

I can't anymore. I love what I do and they were part of the path that led me to moments like these.

Find your pack or your tribe. Men or women who when it comes down to it, will see you in your moments of weakness and fear and raise you back up where you belong. These glorious human beings will deserve your love and admiration throughout life. Find them. Keep them.

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