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  • Nikki Dee

Are You Sitting Around on Your Ass Still Dreaming? Then Be Kind to Yourself.

You're not going to believe this, but even if you are still waiting and thinking about what you want to do or wish you could add to your life- you are still on your journey towards it.

I pulled a card out the other day and it said, "Be Kind" and I knew it was just one of those things you have to forcefully remind yourself.

When we play dress up and pretend as children, we aren't just wasting time. Many studies have shown the benefits of play. We still need to play as adults. Sometimes it's finding a moment of joy in a simple game on our phones, sometimes it's sticking googlie-eyes on random items in your house, and sometimes it's day dreaming about what you might want. You are imagining, planning, and creating things and at the same time you are letting your brain start to figure out the what-ifs. What if I painted my bedroom dark blue? Who would I interview if I had a podcast? How would I build a better desk?

When someone snaps you out of your dreamy-eyed state of illusion and ask you what you were doing, for the love of God don't say "Nothing." You are doing something and even if you aren't ready to jump into signing a lease for your own bakery that doesn't mean it's okay to scope out the history of bakeries on Wikipedia or start a stockpile of favorite recipes to test later. Every little step means something. If you are unsure if your end goal is just to make a gorgeous birthday cake for someone next year or to actually open your own bakery, both start with the same love and habits.

That's how I feel about my art. I still can't believe I'm on this journey of creation. I'm so grateful for the steps it took to get here and acknowledge the sacrifices it still takes to continue. I don't have a coffee fund anymore, but I do get to jump out of my chair and run into my art room as soon as I think of an idea. Sometimes I have to just sit and think about whether I should focus attention on building a brand or advertising or investing it better supplies. I have to remember to be kind to myself when I haven't "done" anything that day. Planning and imagining take mental and emotional energy. Acknowledge that for yourself, too. And for goodness sake, be kind to yourself in the mean time!

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